It's important to think outside of standard practices and solutions. Differentiation is key. I thrive in environments where I am able to add my creative touch to my projects.

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I've been working with the web and social media professionally for about two years now. I've learned so much along the way and I find myself learning something new every day.


Content is king. Thing is, it's not always what you say but, how you say it. I know how to simplify the communication process to get your brand's message across. Also, I really can't stand bad powerpoints.

"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler."

-Albert Einstein

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Howdy, my name is Ashley Rose Hebler. Recently, I graduated with my Master's degree from Texas State University with a degree in Mass Communication, but more specifically new media. What is new media, you ask? New media is a loaded word and it encompasses tools for innovation as well tools that average human may not even be able to grasp yet. I’d even go as far as to say that new media not only deals with tools, but also with the context in which these tools function. New media is the next era of innovation. Tools in new media streamline information accessibility. With that said, I love the tech industry and learning about the web, mobile development, social media, and what ever else pops up. I’m also a marketing/advertising nerd so I love finding ways to use the web and social media to promote a business or service.

Currently, I'm learning how to build responsive websites using the bootstrap framework and figuring out best practices of designing for mobile, tablet devices and other screen sizes.

When I'm not starting at a screen, I love to get outside and do something active. In my spare time, I enjoy playing disc golf, exploring the Texas Hill Country, and floating down the river with good friends.

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